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Genetic Source
Genetic Source

Native American Genes Not Entirely from East Asians

Hyundai to Take Lead in Putting Fuel-Cell Cars on US Roads

The Crimean Crisis Sets Dangerous Precedent for China's N. Korea Plans

Pyongyang Regime Rushes to Seize Initiative As Endgame Nears

Fuel-Cell Leader
Fuel-Cell Leader

Xi Jinping Readies China for Superpower Status

Kim Jong-un, Psy and Fat-Cheeked Korean Messiahs

Samsung's Latest Vessel Dwarfs Aircraft Carriers

Shanghai Teens Top World in Key Thinking Skills

Prelude to N. Korean Crisis
Prelude to N. Korean Crisis

Asian Interracial Interest High in Online Dating Scene

Jeju Attracts More Tourists Than Hawaii, Bali, Okinawa

Lying, Cheating Becoming Norm in China Says Shanghai Study

China Set to Launch First Lunar Rover Mission in Four Decades

Opening Endgame
01彩票注册 Opening Endgame

China Escalates Danger of Aerial Combat with Japan

Germany Seeks to Keep Chinese Students in Country

Native American Genes Not Entirely from East Asians

Virginia to Back Korea's East Sea Crusade

Slaying Dragons
Slaying Dragons

Hyundai to Take Lead in Putting Fuel-Cell Cars on US Roads

Guangdong Free Trade Zone Likely to Win Approval

Samsung Beats Apple in Handset Sales in Every Region

China's Bosses Loosen Stranglehold on Personal Rights

Messianic Koreans
01彩票注册 Messianic Koreans

Beijing Unveils Aggressive Electric-Car Plan

N. Korea's Rajin-Sonbong Vibrant with Capitalist Activity

Chinese Nearly a Third of All Foreign Students in US

China Shows Drone with Vertical Takeoff-Landing Capability

Super Float
Super Float

Chinese the World's Least Engaged Workers Says Gallup

Speaking Two Languages Holds Off Dementia Says Indian Study

Japan, Korea Rank Low Among Rich Nations in Quality of Life

India's Space Program Boasts World's Best Cost Efficiency

World's Finest
World's Finest

Kim Jong-Un's Aunt Defected to US While Overseeing Swiss Education

Chinese, Singaporean Team Develops Invisibility Cloak

China Ruling Party Bans Use of “Boss” in Image Makeover

Corruption in N. Korean Military Makes China Border Porous

More Asia Pacific Trends

Texas-Size Deal

Shin-Soo Choo Sets Contract Record for Asians in MLB

Slugger Shin-soo Choo has set a new salary benchmark for Asians in US professional sports.

Exam Avoidance

Eldo Kim Proves Harvard Asians Can Be Dumb With Bomb Hoax

A Korean American student concocted a bomb scare at Harvard in an effort to get out of an exam.

Morality Play

Zhang Yimou in Hiding Admits Violating One-Child-Policy

China’s most famous film director becomes the tragic hero in a national morality play about the one-child policy.

Kim Clone

Kim Jong-Un Inspires First Full-Time Professional Impersonator

01彩票注册A Chinese Australian is the first person to make a living impersonating the young N. Korean leader.

Pure Aggression

Jeremy Lin Leads Rockets in Double-OT Win Over Raptors

01彩票注册Jeremy Lin scored 31 points off the bench Monday night to lead the Rockets in a tight double-overtime battle against the Toronto Raptors.

Mayoral Bid

Madison Nguyen Runs for Mayor of San Jose

Nguyen survived a recent recall bid after alienating her Vietnamese constituency.

Late Spark

Jeremy Lin's Late Surge Puts Rockets Over Jazz

Jeremy Lin showed his knack for sparking late rallies that win close games Saturday night with a 20-point performance.

Bloody Opener

Lin Bloodied but Explosive Off Bench in Rockets Season Opener

01彩票注册Jeremy Lin showed he remains the go-to point guard regardless of who plays in the first minutes of a game.

November Album

Psy Expects Next Album to Release in November

Psy’s next album will be powered by a burst of creativity owing to relief from pressure after Gentleman’s success and his move to Westwood.

Historic Play

Kolten Wong, Koji Uehara Star in Historic World Series Play

Rookie 2nd-baseman Kolten Wong co-starred with Koji Uehara in the first pickoff play ever to end a World Series game.

Close Shaves

Red Sox Closer Koji Uehara Wins ALCS MVP Award

Few pitchers have known the highs and lows of the playoff season as well as Koji Uehara.

Viral Body

Maria Kang Becomes Latest Non-Celeb Cheesecake Celeb

A home-based entrepreneur and mother of three has gone viral as the mass media’s newest body nazi.

Game 3 Hero

Hyun-Jin Ryu Outduels Cards Ace to Give Dodgers Crucial Win

The Korean lefty kept the Cardinals from getting past second base in Game 3.

Manila Linsanity

Jeremy Lin Comes Off Bench to Help Seal Rockets' Win in Manila

01彩票注册Jeremy Lin scored 14 points in 23 minutes during the Rockets’ Manila exhibition game against the Pacers.

Fast Company

Shin-Soo Choo Joins Elite Ranks After Saturday's Loss

The Reds leadoff batter is one of only seven players in history to notch 100 runs, 20 homers, 20 steals, 100 walks and 300 on-bases in one season.

Korean Monster

Dodgers Pitcher Ryu Hyun-Jin Tied for Most NL Rookie Wins

The Dodgers’s Korean rookie pitcher is now in contention for Rookie of the Year honors.

Heady Win

Kenichi Ebina Wins America's Got Talent

A self-taught Japanese dancer won America’s Got Talent with anatomically improbable moves.

Brainy Beauties

Nina Davuluri, Crystal Lee, Rebecca Yeh Make Miss America History

Nina Davuluri faced two other Asian American women in the final five before being crowned Miss America.

Beauty's Struggles

Michelle Phan Reveals Ugly Struggles Before Beauty Stardom

01彩票注册A beauty guru surprises millions of fans by revealing her abject struggles before her YouTube success.

Knuckleball Tycoon

Korean Near-Billionaire to Pitch for US Pro Baseball Team

01彩票注册A Korean knuckleballer worth nearly a billion dollars has earned a start with the Rockland Boulders.

Big Squeeze

Charles Xue Nabbed in Beijing in Official Squeeze on Bloggers

01彩票注册A Chinese American billionaire tech investor and celebrity blogger was arrested Friday on charges of visiting a prostitute.

Linsanity Hell

Jeremy Lin Shares Hell of Last Season's Uncertainties

Jeremy Lin was suffering much more during his first season with the Rockets than most of his fans could have guessed.

Kenneth Bait

Kenneth Bae Becomes Bait for High-Level US Visit to Pyongyang

01彩票注册Pyongyang appears to have broken its pledge not to use the Korean American tour operator as a bargaining chip.

Great Asian-Friendly Movies

Nightlife in Hong Kong · Seoul · Shanghai · Singapore · Taipei · Tokyo

Great Asian Malls & Supermarkets

Asian American Parenting

01彩票注册 More Asian American Perspectives

More Asian American News

01彩票注册 More Culture & Lifestyle

01彩票注册 More Media & Entertainment

More Travel

Saving Blackberry

John Chen Begins Reshaping Floundering Blackberry

The man who saved Sybase is leading the bid to restore Blackberry to its former glory.

Electric Solution

Qichao Hu's Battery Advance May Make Electric Cars Affordable

Battery materials developed by an MIT student will help bring electric cars to the masses.

Bandwidth Doubler

Sachin Katti Leads Startup That Doubles Wireless Bandwidth

01彩票注册A Stanford professor hopes to commercialize a technology that doubles the effective bandwidth of wireless networks.

Preserving Pluripotence

Qi-Long Ying Isolates Mechanism That Keeps Stem Cells Pluripotent

A USC researcher has isolated the mechanism that many molecular biologists consider the holy grail of stem-cell research.

Mobilizing Microsoft

Peter Lee Directs Microsoft's Future toward Machine Learning

01彩票注册Lee hopes to turn Microsoft from latecomer to major player in the mobile computing universe.

Biofuel Breakthrough

James Liao Engineers Bacteria for 50% Biofuel Efficiency Boost

A UCLA professor has genetically engineered bacteria that can make biofuels competitive with petroleum fuels.

DNA Chipmaker

Zhenan Bao Uses DNA to Form Transistors of Graphene Ribbons

A Stanford researcher devises a novel way to use DNA as a tool for making ultra-efficient computer chips.

Youth Gene

Shinichiro Imai Traces Brain's Age-Delay Mechanism

A Washington University professor has identified the brain region in which the Sirt1 protein can trigger a delay in the onset of aging.

Blocking Tumors

Daniel Nomura Finds Way to Stop Cancer Tumor Growth

A UC Berkeley researcher has found that disabling an enzyme can starve cancer cells of needed nourishment.

Muscle Man

Se-Jin Lee Unleashes Potential for Massive Muscle Development

01彩票注册Se-Jin Lee made the discovery that inspired a class of drugs likely to be abused for massive muscle growth.

Brain Quest

Dharmendra Modha Leads Creation of Brainlike Computing Architecture

Modha leads IBM’s push to develop a computing architecture that mimics the efficiency of the human brain.

Unblocking Genes

Jeannie Lee Uses RNA Therapy to Help Body Fend Off Disease

01彩票注册Jeannie Lee’s RaNA Therapeutics hopes to harness a patient’s own protective genes to fight off terminal diseases.

Manipulating Memory

Susumu Tonegawa Creates False Memory by Manipulating Neurons

An MIT01彩票注册 neuroscience professor has devised a way to create false memories in mice to show that recollections are malleable.

Diabetes Breakthrough

Xunrong Luo Takes Big Step Toward Diabetes Cure

01彩票注册Luo takes a bit step toward a diabetes cure by getting mice to accept rat islet cells without immune-suppression drugs

Wood-Salt Battery

Lianbing Hu Makes Cheaper Battery from Wood, Salt

A Maryland professor used wood and salt to create a potentially cost-efficient battery for storing large amounts of energy.

Beijing Tech Guru

Kai-Fu Lee Leads Beijing's Bid to Challenge Silicon Valley

Kai-fu Lee has played a key role in Beijing’s transformation from a tech backwater to the most likely challenger to Silicon Valley.

Growing Livers

Takanori Takebe Grows Functioning Livers in Stem-Cell Breakthrough

01彩票注册A Yokohama stem-cell biologist combined iPS cells with umbilical cord cells to create functioning liver tissue.

Seawater Uranium

Wenbin Lin Develops Better Way to Extract Uranium from Sea

A UNC professor’s seawater extraction technology may lead to the shuttering of today’s uranium mines.

Animal Art Critics

Shigeru Watanabe Shows Mice Can Distinguish Painting Styles

01彩票注册Mice have far more sophisticated powers of visual discrimination than previously thought, suggests a study by a Keio University professor.

Search Whiz

Jim Yu Builds Leader in Search-Engine Optimization

Jim Yu turned his early experience optimizing websites for better search engine placement into a company headed toward a billion-dollar IPO.

Smart Contact Lens

Jang-Ung Park Leads Samsung Smart Contact Lens Project

Jang-Ung Park is leading Samsung’s effort to leapfrog Google Glass with smart contact lenses.

More Asians in Business

Tough Controller

California State Controller John Chiang

John Chiang became a hero to 200,000 state workers in 2008 when he defied Governor…

Yale Class of 1854

China's First Yale Man

A little-known episode in China’s struggle to modernize has been brought to life by Liel Leibovitz in Fortunate

More Asian American Personalities

01彩票注册 More Notable Asian American Professionals

Alley Cats

4Minute - Whatcha Doin' Tonight? (MV)

Troy - Green Light (MV)

2NE1 - Come Back Home (MV)

Girls' Generation - Mister Mister (MV)

Jeremy Lin Highlights v Blazers (3/9)

Sunmi - Full Moon (MV)

Bebop - I'm the Best (MV)

ToppDogg - Arario (MV)

Jeremy Lin Highlights v Bucks (2/8)

More Videos

Party in Power

Senior Democrat
Senior Democrat

U.S. Congressman Mike Honda

Tech Entrepreneur Bill Nguyen

Education Reformer Michelle Rhee

Biotech Pioneer Vicki Sato

State Dept. Legal Adviser Harold Hongju Koh

01彩票注册 130 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time


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Recognizing Sales Potential

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What May Ail You
What May Ail You

10 Top Asian American Health Risks

China Creates Pigs with Human-Transplantable Organs

Drug for Enlarged Prostate May Also Slow Cancer

Global Obesity Rate Doubles Since 1980

Third of Americans Have Cholesterol Problem

01彩票注册 More on Health


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